Mars to Stay / Plaids split euro tour mini CD

by Plaids

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released July 22, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: seventeen
Wheeled out and shaped into patterns that suit
A snapshot a soundbite something to be help up
Regarded and quoted and used
To see through the tiniest window a sight..
That burns our eyes
A voice that trembles a burns our ears
An insight to a world to pushes down
Upon it's inhabitants
We build upon perfect castles
And break our stone to prove a point
Behind doors a body a weary
Holding up basic foundations but no...
We push them further
We kick their feet and we tug their arms
We invite them in and sit them down
We poke and prod their restless hearts
Track Name: eighteen
It wears you out and pulls you down
A hole which opened in the ground
To swallow up all your good deeds
A bitter force to make you drown
It's put on you and you accept it
With a smile and with a frown
With a sigh, onto your side
You let it slip inside and hide
It eats away at you
it forms a part of you
Becomes defining in the way you view yourself and treat yourself
With minimum respect
With second guessing every glimpse of ego
And every though of love returned
It's fucking pointless
You hold your own self back
You tie your arms down
You've taken all their rope

You built a shackle with your arms
And tied your fingers to your toes
You had an inkling of self worth
And let it twist you out of shape
It contorts you into knots
It wastes your evenings
Staring into mirrors
Instead of staring at the sky
I think your beautiful
I'm not the only one
It's no intangible
It's due to every other fact
But not your outline
Or the mold you fit
It's funamental
It's the way you live
To cause no arm
To hinder other peoples acts
Of selfish violence
You took it on yourself...