No Action / Plaids cassette

by Plaids



Out soon via ART FOR BLIND RECORDS on cassette.


released March 3, 2013

Cover image by Ben Jablonski :

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering.



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Track Name: thirteen
It's said in retrospect
A tale of past life
As a passing statement
Used to lubricate our speech

But it lingers
A cursed life
Keeps on growing, despite of disconnection
From my words and from my limbs

I walk past it
Look out the corner of my eye
Walls of concrete
Worthless crops are left to die
Heads are pounding
Against the cold stone every night
No accountability
It's accepted and denied

At the same time

And we watch
Im told I shouldn't intervene
Cut the red wire
And watch the fallout through a screen

Im still looking back

Recounting moments in the dark

Anecdotal musings

It cuts us up and leaves a mark
Track Name: fourteen
To touch her
With cursed and boney hands
The softest skin

A stroke in confidence
Pushes a sea of sharpened knives
Into her side
Fresh from recent wounds

The guilt of my kind
Washes over me
Holding helpless hands
Even further down
A fronted strength
Holds this room together now
Stitches showing
Their ripped connections bare

You should keep you deadly hands from this
You're rendered blind to pain
Your actions killed a life
You couldn't feel the trigger that you pulled
You glazed your own eyes over
To blacken hers now
As I reach to embrace this wound
My hands are made from salt
My fingers turn to blades
It is channeled, without my knowing
A heart unsettled
Can not calm down

Into this night
We lie with bodies stiff
Eyes wide open
facing different walls

Longing to return
To a different form
This clay was molded
From expired ingredients
And made with hands lacking skills
Required to form a body
That's suited to this task

This challenge to open doors
To welcome a flood of endless hurt
A tap which stiffens on turning
A stream which can't be blocked
Into this night we hold in air
And hope it lasts us for what we need
To see this out
And hope that no one feels the wet